Local place offering

Inns in the surroundings


We suggest for your lunch and dinner some inns.

Monte Giberto - Osteria la Pettegola (0734 638039) located in old village centre.

Grottazzolina - Osteria della Fornace (0734 631719): is at ten minutes from Alla corte di Carolina.

Petritoli - Ristorante "Re Squarchiò" (0734 658649) is at ten minutes from Alla corte di Carolina.

Petritoli - "Osteria de le Cornacchie" (0734 658707) is at ten minutes from Alla corte di Carolina.

Porto San Giorgio - Ristorante Campanelli (0734 673338). Cooking fishing is their speciality, is at twenty minutes from Alla corte di Carolina.

Unusual places of interest within twenty minutes drive


Fermo - Roman Cisterns. This was an enormous construction accomplished in 1 AD. The structure was a hyraulic reservoir for the town and the port is made up of 30 interlinked tanks with a combined surface area of 2000 m2. Details on Museo diffuso del fermano.


Servigliano - The village looks like very different from others. It is an unusual architectural structure, that is closed and geometric; for this reason, it has been named the "perfect town". The pope Clemente XIV wanted to build this village and the papal architect Virginio Bracci,  Luigi Vanvitelli's disciple, planned it.


Monte Vidon Corrado -  Here lived Osvalo Licini, a painter dead in 1958 and famous for "Amalasunta" and "Angeli ribelli [eng. rebel angels]". It is possible to visit his house-museum. In Ascoli Piceno  a permanent exhibition is dedicated to his most famous pictures.


Places of interest within one our drive


Visso -The shrine of Macereto stands over Monte Grotagna's upland, at 1000m (on the sea level) in Sibillini Mountains Nation Park.

The outside of the building is in Baroque style, recalling Bramante's works. It has octagonal shape and covered with local limestone. The interior has a small medieval chaple which had kept the ancient wood statue of Virgin Mary till XV century. The high altar has some valuable pctures by Simone de Magistris, Lorenzo Lotto's disciple.



Museums in the surroundings within half an hour drive


Fermo - The Globe's hall, the Town Picture Gallery (nativity by Rubens), the Pipe Muse, Museum on Natural Sciences, Polar Museum, Diocesan Museum on Sacred Art. All details on website Museo diffuso del fermano.


Montefiore dell'Aso - Complesso Museale di San Francesco: Carlo Crivelli (Triptych) hall,  Adolfo de Carolis hall, Domenico Cantatore hall.


Montappone - The hat Museum.